Hear from colleagues

Our early adopters have been using Canvas with their students in the 19/20 academic year.

They've shared some of their favourite features, top tips and the feedback they've had from their students below.

Tom Albans, Academic Tutor, INTO Newcastle University

'Understand the possibilities that Canvas offers first and then rethink how your module(s) might be presented to students'

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Carol Andrew

Carol Andrew, Learning and Teaching Assistant Manager, School of Natural and Environmental Sciences

'Getting used to the look and feel of the system is something best done by exploring the different sections and having a look at an existing course.'

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Jack Chamberlain

Jack Chamberlain, Student Recruiment Co-ordinator, Student Services

'Students really did engage with Canvas and it was over a wide period of time as well'

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Dr Matthew Forshaw, Senior Lecturer, School of Computing‌

'Viewing my existing content in Canvas' fresh interface helped me to understand how I might better structure materials for my learners and make use of Canvas’ interactive features.'

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Chris OConnor

Mr Chris O'Connor, Clinical Fellow, School of Dental Sciences

'When I'm working with Canvas I feel that the efforts I am making have a much more tangible impact on the accessibility of my learning material and the student experience and that is really gratifying.'

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Gabrielle Vallons

Gabrielle Vallons, Peer Mentoring Co-ordinator, Academic Services

'One of my favourite features of Canvas is just how easy and straightforward it is to use and navigate through its content. I also like how you can customise a course to give it its own unique identity.'

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Dr Vivian Verbo, Senior Lecturer, Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia

'One thing I like about using Canvas is that I can get help anytime, 24/7 by clicking on the Help button.'

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Wessel Vermeulen

Dr Wessel Vermeulen, Lecturer, Newcastle University Business School

'It's snappier in use, and moving between pages and materials is more modern and akin to what you're used to. It's also much easier to deal with files.'

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