In light of the current situation with Covid-19 the way that Canvas training will be delivered has changed, moving to online delivery for all sessions and resources.

You can find information below outlining how you can access self-help resources, get some practice at a time that suits you or sign up to a webinar for real time, in person support.

Introduction to Canvas video

To help you get started with Canvas take a look at the Introduction to Canvas video below. From logging in to navigating the dashboard, this video covers everything you need to begin to get the most out of your new VLE.


Log in and try out the orientation course

All colleagues have access to Canvas and you can log in at 
Log in using your normal username and password.

Once you log in you will see an online Canvas Orientation course. This is a comprehensive online training resource developed for all Newcastle University colleagues and can be accessed 24/7 from your Canvas dashboard. You also have your own personal Canvas practice course.

Come along to a drop in session 

Drop in sessions are happening over the summer where colleagues will be on hand to answer your Canvas related questions or any other questions you have about delivering Flexible Learning 2020.

View the full Flexible Learning 2020 webinar and drop in schedule.

Book your place on a webinar

You can book your place on any of the webinars below for real time in person support.

We know that the demands on colleagues mean that many may not be able to engage with the training opportunities at this time. The team will be offering a comprehensive programme of webinars throughout the summer and are regularly adding new dates, so we hope that if you wish to participate in a webinar you will be able to do so at a time that fits with all your other commitments.  


Canvas Fundamentals Webinar

A one hour introduction suitable for all staff.

Sign up to Canvas Fundamentals.

(If you are a PGR student you can sign up using the PGR booking form.)


online guides icon

Assignments Webinar

For colleagues who will be setting up and managing assignments in Canvas.

Sign up to the Canvas Assignments webinar.

(If you are a PGR student you can sign up using the PGR booking form.)


Quizzes Webinar

For all staff who will be setting up and using quizzes in Canvas. 

Sign up to the Canvas Quizzes webinar.

(If you are a PGR student you can sign up using the PGR booking form.)

canvas guides

Advanced quizzes webinar

For colleagues who will be responsible for setting up and managing quizzes in Canvas, and need to use any of the advanced functionality.

Sign up to Advanced Quizzes.

(If you are a PGR student you can sign up using the PGR booking form.)

Student Response Systems

Professional Services Webinar

For Professional Service colleagues who will be responsible for supporting Canvas in their academic unit.

Sign up to the Canvas Professional Services Webinar.

(If you are a PGR student you can sign up using the PGR booking form.)


Collaboration & Communication 

Suitable for all colleagues who will be using Canvas to communicate and collaborate with students and/or colleagues.

Sign up to Collaboration and Communication

(If you are a PGR student you can sign up using the PGR booking form.)

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Online Marking and Feedback Webinar

For Academic colleagues with responsibility for marking assignment submissions.

Sign up to Online Marking and Feedback

(If you are a PGR student you can sign up using the PGR booking form.)

Why should I engage with training?

To make sure you are ready for the switch to Canvas and to get the most out of Canvas for you and your students it is very important that you engage with the training offered.

Even though we are copying over the current year and the previous 3 years’ worth of content for reference, we are not populating the new 2020/21 courses with this content so there will be work required to get your Canvas courses ready. This is a great opportunity to clear out the content you no longer need and to think about the design of your course with the new functionality available. The training is designed to help you with this process and get you started in developing your courses for the new academic year.

Covid-19 Update on Canvas Training, further information

In light of the ever-changing Coronavirus situation, it has become necessary to change the way we deliver Canvas training. 

Training is being delivered via Zoom. Dates are already available to book on elements and more dates will be added soon.

It will be necessary to remove some sessions but we will be doubling the number of participants on the sessions that do take place so the number of spaces available will be similar to the numbers previously offered.

For early adopters who may need to mark assignments online in the coming weeks we will be running Online Grading and Feedback sessions to support you with this.

In the meantime, our online Canvas Orientation course is a very comprehensive resource and we will continue to add to that as Instructure rapidly develop and enhance the tools and features available in Canvas. One such development was the introduction of the Microsoft Teams Integration.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your support as we adapt quickly in light of the challenge we are faced with.