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Blackboard to Canvas Assessment Update

Outlined are the steps you need to follow to ensure that submissions and feedback in Blackboard are not lost through the transition. This includes Turnitin and Blackboard assignments, Blackboard tests and Numbas assessments.  

Further guidance is also provided to highlight the difference in functionality between Canvas New Quizzes and Canvas Classic Quizzes, which are currently both available in Canvas. The recommended tool to use is Canvas New Quizzes as Canvas Classic Quizzes will eventually be phased out, but there are circumstances where you may require Classic Quiz functionality. 

Further information on assessment to be taken via Canvas in the August assessment period is also provided below. 

You can sign up to one of the assessment focussed Canvas webinars now, including Canvas Assignments, Canvas Quizzes and Online Marking and Feedback and there are sections covering all of these areas and more in the Online Canvas Orientation Course. Please also remember that all colleagues and students can access the Canvas 24/7 support via Live Chat directly from the Help Menu in Canvas as well as via a dedicated phone number, +44 808 189 2336. 


Access to previous Turnitin assignments after 31 July 2020 

It will be possible to access previous Turnitin assignments and feedback after 31 July 2020 but not via Blackboard. Turnitin is a separate piece of software that is integrated with Blackboard so any marked submissions with feedback are held in Turnitin. This means that no Turnitin assignments will be lost as we transition to Canvas but, from the 31st July, previous assignments will need to be accessed by schools/services in a different way. 

Modules and the associated assignments will be linked to a School email address on the Turnitin website. This will allow members of the School office to access the assignments directly via Turnitin. NUIT and LTDS are currently working with Schools to enable access to the submissions and further guidance on the workflow for this will be communicated to schools shortly. 

Access to Blackboard assignments after 31 July 2020 

It will not be possible to access Blackboard assignments after 31 July 2020 so if you will require access after this date you must download submissions from Blackboard and save them in a secure location before 31 July 2020. Turnitin and Blackboard assignments have different icons in Blackboard which will help you to identify which tool you have used.

Access to marks in Blackboard Grade Centre after 31 July 2020 

It will not be possible to access the Blackboard Grade Centre after 31 July 2020 so academic units will need to ensure that any marks in the Grade Centre have been downloaded and saved in a secure location before 31 July 2020.  


Blackboard Tests

Access to Blackboard Test data after 31 July 2020  

You will not be able to access the results of a Blackboard Test after 31 July 2020. If you will require access to this after 31 July you must download the data from Blackboard before 31 July 2020. Follow the instructions in these TEL guides: 

If you require a copy of the test questions including the full list of answer options, the correct answer(s), and any images in the questions or answers, this can be downloaded using Respondus 4.0 software.  If you do not have access to Respondus you can request a download by completing this form by Friday 17 July 2020.  

If you have queries about this contact  


Numbas tests 

Transferring Numbas tests to Canvas 

Numbas tests are attached to a particular course in a Virtual Learning Environment. Therefore they do not automatically copy over into Canvas. Numbas tests will need to be set up again for the new academic year, but this is an important exercise anyway as you will need to make some decisions about the set up in Canvas. The LTDS Numbas blog post has more information on the different ways to set up a Numbas test in Canvas which includes step by step instructions and short screencasts. 

Numbas tests are prepared on the Numbas Editor (the Public Editor is at which means that you can redeploy your existing tests in Canvas. 

Accessing scores from Numbas tests deployed in Blackboard after 31 July 2020 

If you require scores from Numbas tests deployed in Blackboard then you should download these and store them in a secure location before 31 July 2020. 

The Numbas LTI tool will continue to have a record of attempts after this date and a request can be sent to if you need access to data after 31 July 2020. 


August assessment period 2020 

Canvas is an intuitive platform, but to help students with the change from Blackboard to Canvas prior to the August assessment period, they have all been enrolled in a 'Getting to Know Canvas' online course. This includes screencasts, including how to submit an assignment, links to guides and recommendations for personalising their experience, e.g. setting notification preferences. 


All assessments, either deferrals or resits, in the August assessment period that would normally have taken place via Blackboard will need to take place in Canvas.

Any colleagues named on the Module Outline Form have been given access to the relevant Canvas course for 2017-18, 2018-19 and 2019-20 academic years which have all now had content copied over from Blackboard. Anyone enrolled as a Teacher on a Canvas course, or anyone within a school with the Sub-Account Admin role, can add other colleagues as required so any assignments for the August assessment period can be created now, or ahead of time, if necessary. 

If a Blackboard Community site was used for assessments and the Community was active in the last year (had content added to it) then these have been automatically copied into Canvas and colleagues have been attached to these.

Students will get access to 2017-18, 2018-19 and 2019-20 Canvas courses as well as any Communities they were enrolled on, week commencing 6 July 2020 and it is recommended that you review the content in your 2019-20 course before students access it for revision purposes.  

Canvas Quizzes 


If a Blackboard test was used in the 2019-20 Semester 2 assessment period, then a Canvas quiz should be used in the August assessment period. However, if you ran an OLAF exam in the 2019-20 Semester 1 assessment period you can deliver the resit using either a Canvas quiz or a Turnitin submission.  

If you plan to use a Canvas quiz for an August assessment period exam, please complete this online form to inform LTDS how you plan to set up the exam in Canvas:   

Please complete the form as soon as possible, and by 30 June 2020 at the latest.    


Canvas New Quizzes or Canvas Classic Quizzes 

There are currently 2 quiz tools available in Canvas. 

New Quizzes is the recommended quiz tool within Canvas however Classic Quizzes will remain available to use until it is phased out in the 2021/22 academic year. Although New Quizzes is recommended there are certain circumstances where you may wish to consider using Classic Quizzes. The key differences are summarised on the Flexible Learning 2020 website

It is important to note that it is not possible to change a New Quiz into a Classic Quiz. The migration only works one way.  

Accessing and using quiz questions from archive courses  

Tests and pools are migrated from Blackboard into Classic Quizzes within Canvas. The question types that transfer into Canvas from Blackboard are listed here.  

If a Blackboard test used question pools these pools will be available in Question Banks within Classic Quizzes however these cannot currently be automatically migrated to New Quizzes. In order to migrate these quizzes to New Quizzes the supporting Canvas guidance should be followed.  

Last modified: Thu, 25 Jun 2020 10:37:37 BST