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Canvas Latest Feature Enhancements

Please find below a list of the latest feature enhancements recently enabled in Canvas:   

ReCap (Panopto) – Sharing your recordings with your students in Canvas The latest update to Canvas has added the ReCap icon to the text editor to make it easier to share your ReCap (Panopto) recordings with students within your Canvas pages.  It is important to move your recordings to the correct folder and use the ReCap integration to share your recordings within Canvas to ensure that students have the correct access to view them. Full instructions for how to share your recordings with Canvas can be seen in the ReCap section of the Canvas Orientation Course .

Recent History  This change helps users remember what page they last viewed in one or multiple courses.  

Notifications  The user-level Notifications page has been updated to match the design of the course-level Notifications page. Additional enhancements have also been added to clarify notifications between each level.  

MathJax Equation Improvements This change improves accessibility for equations throughout Canvas.  

Rich Content Editor – Embed Toolbar Icon The Embed tab has now been removed from the Upload/Record Media window and displays as its own icon in the toolbar. (This is separate to the ReCap icon and can be used to embed recordings made or hosted using other software e.g. Stream) 

View Menu Fullscreen Option  Users can view a full screen version of the editor.  

People – Group Import CSV File  Instructors can create groups within a group set using a CSV as an alternative to enrolling users manually in the interface.  

Further information regarding the latest feature enhancements and bug fixes can be found below:   

Last modified: Wed, 04 Nov 2020 09:15:54 GMT