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New Features Available in Canvas

A number of new features are now available in Canvas to enable you to further personalise your Canvas experience and to save you valuable time.

Easily identify unpublished courses 

This change helps colleagues easily identify whether a course is published or unpublished to students. The Canvas dashboard, the Courses area and the All Courses page all display this information. 

The Courses: Instructor Publishing Improvements video provides a useful overview of this change. 


Manage Notifications by Course  

It is now possible to manage notification preferences for individual courses from a course Home Page rather than the settings being applied across all courses that a user is enrolled to.

The Courses: Course-Level Notification Preferences video provides a useful overview of this change and there is a 'How do I manage notifications for a single course?' guide for instructors and for students.


Drag and drop multiple files to the Modules page 

Instructors can now quickly add multiple files to the Modules page through drag and drop functionality. This is a very useful feature but it is important to think carefully about the structure and design of your course.

The Modules: Multiple File Uploads video provides further information on this and some useful guides include How do I add a module? and How do I add course content as module items? 


Bulk edit assignments 

The Assignments area within a course now supports the editing of all graded assignment, discussion and quiz dates in a single page. Bulk editing of dates is also possible to save you time.

The Assignments: Due and Availability Date Bulk Edit and the Assignments: Bulk Editing Enhancements videos will provide a useful overview of this new functionality as well as the How do I bulk update due dates and availability dates as an instructor? step by step guide.

Last modified: Wed, 01 Jul 2020 09:20:25 BST