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Recent changes

Here are the recent changes to the Flexible Learning web resources and course.  For a full list see What's new?

Creating recorded teaching materials while ReCap is unavailable

Guidance on options to create recordings of audio, video and computer screens while ReCap is affected by current IT issues.

Resource Development Rooms

To assist staff to create pre-recorded video content for teaching a suite of rooms on campus have been provisioned as Resource Development Rooms for staff to use throughout Semester 1.

Writing better assignments

We have added links to Kay Sambell and Sally Brown's resource on assignments and task design to our Digital Learning Guides.

Tools and applications to support teaching

Guidance on the centrally supported applications to support teaching and important considerations before adopting new applications.

Supporting Implementation of the Education Resilience Framework

New information has been added to the Flexible Learning website illustrating how the support for the implementation of the ERF all fits together

Reflection and NU ePortfolio

Guidance on reflective practice and accessing NU ePortfolio from Canvas

Recording online teaching

When can you record online teaching sessions - and how to inform students.

Copyright for Flexible Learning 2020

Copyright considerations for learning and teaching – both present in person and online.

Capturing present-in-person teaching

Some students will be unable to attend small group teaching sessions on Campus. We don't recommend recording these - we have added some ideas on how to both capture outputs and include students who are unable to attend in person.