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Accessibility and Inclusion

Accessibility overview | Making your content accessible (NUIT)  | SensusAccess (ASK) | Checking Canvas content with Ally | Using Ally AnalyticsAccessibility in Practice (Online Course) | Teaching and studying with poor internet | Video captions and transcript

Academic Skills

Learning resources to embed in Canvas | Academic Skills Kit (ASK) | Student resources for online learning (ASK)  


Designing Assessment | Assessing presentations | Peer assessment and peer review Peer assessment of group work | Avoiding common issues

Assignments, online marking and feedback in Canvas

Overview of Assignments in Canvas 


Overview of Buddycheck | Adding Buddycheck to a Course | Setting up an Evaluation | Adding custom questions to an Evaluation | Amending an Evaluation | Using Evaluation Results


Canvas site  | Canvas Staff Orientation Course  | Canvas Help  | Canvas training sessions | Canvas Zero Activity Report | Notifications - recommended settings for students

Canvas New Analytics

Overview | Course Analytics | Student Analytics | Course Reports | Possible Scenarios | FAQ (Staff) | FAQ (Students)

Canvas Quizzes

Overview of Canvas Quizzes | Using archived Blackboard tests in Canvas | Classic vs New Quizzes | Using quizzes effectively | Key quiz settings

Collaborating online

Canvas and Office365 options


Copyright, IPR and resources

Digital Polling

Overview of polling | OMBEA guide | Polling in Teams | Polling in Zoom


Overview | Blogs | Meetings | Skill Sets | Sharing and Groups

Learning Analytics

Overview | FAQ

Meeting Online / Small group teaching with Zoom and Teams

Zoom and Teams compared | Creating online meetings in Canvas | Capturing small group teaching | Etiquette for online learning events 


Numbas overview 


ReCap Overview | Create new recordings with PCap | Edit upload and publish recordings | Adding captions |Reuse existing recordingsReCap assignments

Reflective practice

Reflective practice

Software and Applications

Software for student coursework | Tools and applications to support teaching

Student Social Spaces

Overview | 'In-session' social activities | Facilitated social engagement | Student-led social spaces

Synchronous Online Teaching

Key considerations and guidance | Zoom and Teams Compared | Create online meetings in Canvas  | Recording online teaching | Capturing small group teaching


Teams at Newcastle |Using Teams with Canvas | Sharing recordings |Captions and Transcripts|

Video and Audio

Overview | Recording Video | Editing Video | Sharing Video | Audio Recordings | Video Accessibility


Using Zoom with Canvas | Sharing recordings | Captions and Transcripts