Video and Audio

Re-using existing materials

Video is an excellent medium for explaining complex visual information but it is time consuming to prepare.

Before recording or commissioning new media first check if there are suitable resources that are published with educational or free licenses, or part of our library subscriptions:

New videos & recordings

ReCap Personal capture can be used to create slide narrations, screen recordings and short talking head pieces with your webcam.  Once recorded you can use a simple editor to top and tail recordings and delete unwanted sections.  You can make Personal Capture recordings on your home computer, or make use of on campus resource development rooms to develop these.  Your recordings can then be easily shared with students via Canvas.

PowerPoint can be used to make videos of slide narrations and can also record your screen.

You can record yourself making presentations using your mobile phone or webcam.

You can record directly into Canvas using the Media Recording tool built into the Canvas rich text editor.

See the pages here for more details: