eduroam is the wireless roaming service used by the international research and education community. It is available across campus to visiting academics. The service uses the SSID eduroam with Wireless Protected Access (WPA2) and Enterprise level encryption (EAP).

The following settings are for Android 1.6 or above

Configure your phone

From the Home screen, tap the control to open the All Programs screen

  • Tap Settings


  • Tap Wireless & networks


  • Tap Wi-Fi settings


  • Tap Wi-Fi to turn on wireless


  • From the list of Wi-Fi networks tap eduroam


In the Connect to eduroam window

  • Tap EAP method and select PEAP
  • Tap Phase 2 authentication and select MSCHAPV2


  • Set Identity to your University login name including the domain of your home institution, e.g.
  • Set Wireless password to your University password


  • Tap Connect

NOTE: If this is the first time you have used the Wi-Fi or you have rebooted your phone you may also be asked for your Credential Storage password. This is the Master password for your phone that you will have entered when you first setup your phone.

Alternative method

Some phones don't ship with the default network configuration tools. The WiFi Advanced Config Editor (WiFiACE) is a free application that will let you configure the advanced settings of a wireless configuration, so you can use PEAP, MSCHAPV2, etc.

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