eduroam is the wireless roaming service used by the international research and education community. It is available across campus to visiting academics. The service uses the SSID eduroam with Wireless Protected Access (WPA2) and Enterprise level encryption (EAP).

Configure your phone

From the Application Browser,

  • Select the Manage Connections icon


  • Select the Wi-Fi checkbox to turn wireless On


  • Select Set Up Wi-Fi Network


On the Set Up Wi-Fi screen,

  • Click Next


  • Click Scan For Networks and wait while it scans


On the Available Wi-Fi Networks screen,

  • Click eduroam


On the Wi-Fi Security screen,

  • Set Security Type to PEAP
  • Set User name to your University login name, include the domain of your home institution e.g.
  • Set User password to your University password
  • Click CA certificate and select Comodo AddTrust External CA Root
  • Set Inner link security to EAP-MS-CHAP v2
  • Click Connect


When connected you are asked,

  • Set Save this W-Fi Network as a Profile? to Yes
  • Choose a Profile Name
  • Click Next
  • Click Finish


You can now use the applications to access the Internet.

NOTE: To make sure the browser uses the campus wireless connection, from the Application Browser,

  • Select Options
  • Select Advanced Options
  • Select Browser
  • Set Default browser configuration to Hotspot Browser

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