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eduroam is the wireless roaming service used by the international research and education community. It is available across campus to visiting academics. The service uses the SSID eduroam with Wireless Protected Access (WPA2) and Enterprise level encryption (EAP).

We have had mixed success with this configuration but have successfully connected using a Nokia E71 phone

Configure your phone

From the applications screen, select Tools > Settings > Connections > Access points
Click Options
Select New access point

Set the Connection name to EduRoam
Set the Data bearer to Wireless LAN
Under WLAN network name select Search for networks then select eduroam


Scroll down and set WLAN security mode to WPA/WPA2
Click WLAN security settings


Make sure WPA2 only mode is off
Click EAP plug-in settings


Enable EAP-PEAP and disable the other settings
Select EAP-PEAP then press Options then Edit


Under the Settings tab
Set Authority certificate to AddTrust External CA Root
Set User name to your University login ID, e.g. b1234567
Set Realm to <the domain of your home institution>, e.g.

both5 both6

Under the EAPs tab
Enable EAP-MSCHAPv2 and disable the other settings
Select EAP-MSCHAPv2 then press Options


Enter your User name including your home institutions domain, and Password


Return to the application screen and start using the connection from the network applications.

NOTE: You may need to install a certificate for your home institution if you do not already have it on your phone. Use your phones network, bluetooth, USB or a memory card to copy the certificate to your phone. To install,

  • Select the certificate file you downloaded,
  • Click Options > Open and save the certificate
  • When prompted for the Certificate uses select Online cert checking and click Ok

Newcastle University users will need to install the AddTrust External CA Root which you can grab below,

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