Set up your mobile

‌‌‌‌‌‌Contact Phil Parker, Telecoms Officer, on extension 88999 for assistance, guidance and advice.

Some General Basic configuration steps for Android:

(iPhone handsets are not provided to university staff, subsequently no information is provided here)

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Set up Gmail account:

Android handsets require you to use a Google account in order to access their services, download apps and keeping the phone up to date. If you don't already have a gmail account, create one before you set up the phone as you have to enter these details when setting the handset up.

Have a Gmail account? Don't have a Gmail account?

You may use your own Gmail account.                                   

Enter your own details and sign in.



Go to on your PC. Create a new account.


I have used my PC password to help remember, you an use any.

Use these new account details on your handset.

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Set-up WiFi:

Goto: "Settings"

Select "Network & Internet" or " Wirelss and Networks" and "WiFi" from the list.

The WiFi radio in the handset will be switch on by default. You will see a list of all WiFi networks the handset can "see".

Select "newcastle-university" SSID from the list.

The handset will ask you to Sign in.

EAP Method


Phase 2 Authentication


CA Certificate



Enter your "N" ID

Anonymous Identity



Enter the password used to log into your desktop PC.

[USE SHOW PASSWORD, to ensure you enter it correctly]

USE "Show Advanced Options" and under "Key Management" untick FT



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Set up Email Sync:

From the "Start" Screen, select "Settings"

Select: Cloud and Accounts

Select: Accounts, Add an account

Choose the option for "Microsoft Exchange"

Enter your email address (e.g.

Enter your password (this is the password used to access your desktop PC)

Select "Advanced options"

Under "Domain/Username" Enter your "n" login i.d. and should look like this:

Leave the "Domain" information blank.

Under "Server Settings" enter

Click Done.

You will have to click OK and "accept" mobile device administrator.

All Email, Calendar information and Contacts held within your Outlook email client will be exchanged. Any information you add to the handset will be synchronised with outlook and vice versa.

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