Changes to Adobe Logins

Changes to Adobe logins

On 11 December 2019 all Adobe logins linked to the main University account were changed:

  • Logins changed from using the suffix to use
  • Accounts moved from 'personal' accounts (also known as Adobe IDs) to 'enterprise' accounts (also known as Federated IDs)

Some users may have experienced login problems following the change; the instructions below should help to resolve any issues.

  • Users of Adobe Sign
    • If you are experiencing issues using Adobe Sign please contact the IT Service Desk
  • Users of Adobe Creative Cloud using role accounts
    • Changes made to Adobe logins using role accounts have been reversed; these are being addressed in association with Adobe
    • Role account users should continue to login as they did prior to the change
    • If prompted to select either a personal or company/school/enterprise account, users of role accounts should select the 'personal' option
  • Users of Adobe Creative Cloud using individual accounts
    • Users of Adobe creative cloud using individual accounts (e.g. should login using the 'enterprise ID' option
    • Instructions for these users are included in the document below:

Adobe Federated ID Login PDF 1,244Kb

Logging into Adobe Creative Cloud using a Federated ID