The scheme is open to all Newcastle University staff and students. Due to resource implications we are currently offering a limited service until further notice.

To borrow from the scheme you need to:

1. Register with the Scheme

You can register with the scheme by filling out a short form at which authenticates you as a campus user, and asks you to accept the scheme's terms and conditions.

2. Reserve Equipment

We have a variety of equipment in Hardware Loans. You can reserve some items for yourself but there are many which are restricted, and for these, you need to ask one of our referrers to reserve them for you.

Restrictions are in place to ensure that popular items are available to disabled staff and students and so that we can have confidence that equipment is suited to your needs. A small number of staff can reserve restricted items for you, see the contacts page for information on who to contact.

View and reserve equipment from the on-line catalogue

When reservations are made you will be sent an email confirmation containing a reference number for each item you reserve.

3. Collect equipment

After you reserve equipment it will be checked and moved from our stores to to the main issue desk in the Philip Robinson Library. You will recieve an email when the equipment is ready to collect.

4. Loan Durations

  • Loan return dates are set at the end of each term.
  • Items in high demand are marked "Short term loan only" and cannot be renewed.
  • Other items can be renewed up to a maximum of one year.

It is not the intention of the scheme to provide equipment on a permanent basis.  Equipment is provided for short term needs; for evaluation and to provide support while long term solutions are explored.

Services listed on our Advice and Contacts page will be able to provide guidance on obtaining equipment on a permanent basis.