Terms and Conditions


Hardware Loans Scheme Terms and Conditions of Use

I agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. I will provide my personal details as requested on the borrower registration form and allow these details to be used for administration of the scheme.
  2. I am responsible for the return of any item which is recorded as borrowed by me and recorded in the scheme's database.
  3. I understand that items returned after the due back date will incur a fine and borrowing will be suspended from the account until the fines are paid.
  4. If I fail to return an item at the end of the agreed loan period I will be required to pay the total cost of replacement up to a maximum of £500. Loans will be cancelled 10 weeks after the due back date or, in the case of graduating students/postgraduates, at the end of the period of study.
  5. I understand that I may be required to make good the cost of any damage to, or loss of, equipment on loan to me.
  6. If I fail to fulfill obligations in respect of scheme fines or replacement costs of scheme equipment I will be regarded as being in debt to the University.
  7. I agree to contact the scheme's team, occupational health, or the Student Wellbeing Service as soon as I feel that an item is causing me discomfort or not serving the purpose for which it was originally borrowed.
  8. I agree to stop using an item borrowed should it start to make my condition worse.


  1. Lost/Damaged items: Borrowers who fail to return items will be invoiced for the full replacement cost.
  2. Overdue Items: 15p per day overdue up to a maximum of £10
  3. Overdue Laptops: £1 per day up to a maximum of £35
  4. Items that are overdue for 10 weeks or more will be considered lost and borrowers will be invoiced for the full replacement costs.  


  1. 'I' is the borrower who has completed the Borrower Registration Form.
  2. 'The Scheme' is the Hardware Loans Scheme.
  3. 'An Item' is any item borrowed or kept from the scheme.


Published August 2010

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