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Apple MacBook Pro recall

Apple MacBook Pro recall

We have been made aware of a recall by Apple on a number of MacBook Pros; as per the Apple website, this primarily affects devices sold between September 2015 and February 2017.

Further information is available on, along with a Serial Number checker to allow you to determine if your device is affected.

Please see below for the process to follow if the Serial Number check on the above site indicates that your device is affected:

University-supplied devices: Contact the IT Service Desk so your local IT support can arrange any repair.

Personal devices: Follow the process as outlined on the above page (i.e. prepare / back up your device and contact an Apple Store to arrange repairs), there is no requirement to inform the IT Service Desk or your local IT support.

Published: 16:40 17th July 2019, Last Updated: 10:30 18th July 2019

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