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IT Peripherals to Support Home Working

​​To support University staff with home working, a small range of IT peripherals (keyboards, mice, webcams, headsets etc.) is​ available via NUIT, ​where the requirement is business-critical.

All requests must be reviewed and authorised by the Head of Unit (or nominee). An approval email also needs to be attached to your request along with a relevant cost code.

Request can be made at

NUIT will advise on the latest availability and the process for collection.

If you’re unsure of the best solution for your needs, please contact the IT Service Desk

University students who don’t have a computer, laptop or another device they can use for studying, or have no or very limited access to an internet connection and are currently in receipt of financial hardship support, may be eligible for support with IT equipment​.

Published: 12:19 15th May 2020, Last Updated: 12:32 15th May 2020

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