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Issues with University IT Systems - September 2020

Latest update: 08:00 Tuesday 1st September. We are currently investigating issues affecting a number of IT systems. 

Update 20:00 1st September 2020

Investigations have continued throughout the day. We are still at the stage of investigating the issue and its impact, and we need to complete that before we can start to recover any of the impacted services.

A limited set of systems are still available, these are:

Other systems may be accessible, but this should not be taken as service being guaranteed and access may cease at any time, or functionality may be reduced.

At present, we do not believe the user experience to be any different between those working from home and those on campus, although this may change over time.

Although network file storage is not currently affected, we would recommend if anyone has critical files stored on network drives, they move them to OneDrive storage as soon as possible.

Issues with University IT Systems - September 2020

Update 08:00 1st September 2020

Since the morning of Sunday 30th August we have been experiencing issues with a number of our IT systems, many of which are currently offline.

After investigation of the root cause, we expect these may take longer than normal to resolve.

As a result, we are currently only available to provide a very limited set of services. These are:

All other services are unavailable.

We are working hard to reinstate other services, however we cannot do this until further investigations are complete. We do not currently have an estimated timescale for this and it is likely to be a number of days.

We do expect that we will be able to restore some services earlier than others and this list will be published via the IT Service website.

The IT Service Desk are unable to progress queries relating to this incident at present. Please do not contact the Service Desk unless you have a problem that is not related to this ongoing issue.

Further information will be provided via the IT Service news feed at

Published: 22:33 31st August 2020, Last Updated: 12:45 2nd September 2020

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