Hardware Loans

Service Description

The Hardware Loans Scheme provides a range of equipment that can be borrowed on a short term basis by staff and students. The scheme enables staff and students to borrow a range of assistive technology to help them overcome barriers to IT that may be caused due to health difficulties, disabilities or dyslexia.

The scheme promotes inclusion and accessibility within the university. By making staff and students more comfortable in their working environment the scheme helps to:

  • Improve quality and productivity
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Improve customer service


  • A wide range of hardware including ergonomic equipment which is reviewed and updated annually.
  • Strong dialogue with stakeholders with regards purchase recommendations and feedback on existing equipment.
  • Efficient ‘reserve and collect’ system.
  • Excellent customer service with additional support during the equipment loan.


Staff and students who consider themselves to have a short or long term disability, which is having a negative impact on their use of IT at university.

Service Hours

Equipment is available to collect during Philip Robinson Library Desk Services opening hours (see http://www.ncl.ac.uk/library/about/opening/index.php?site=robin).

Consultation, advice and guidance: 09:00-17:00, Monday to Friday, excluding University closure periods.

Level of Service

Equipment booked before 16:00 will be ready for collection by 10:00 on the next working day.

Some items are restricted to individuals who are registered with the University as having a disability; a referral is required before these items can be borrowed.

Restrictions are in place to ensure that equipment is suited to the user’s needs and that popular items are available to those with disability or health related needs.

Support and Documentation

Documentation about the scheme is available at http://www.ncl.ac.uk/itservice/hardware-loans/

Additional support is available via the IT Service Desk on 0191 208 5999 or https://nuservice.ncl.ac.uk

All incidents relating to this service will be handled according to the Incident Management and Major Incident Management processes.

Request Process

The Student Wellbeing Service provides advice and support to students with disabilities, dyslexia or health conditions. Students must contact this team for advice on suitable equipment and to reserve restricted items.

Staff wishing to borrow restricted equipment to adjust their computer workstation must have a current workstation assessment from their school DSE assessor. Their DSE assessor will advise them on whether to contact the Safety Office or Occupational Health to reserve equipment.

If staff need to borrow equipment as a result of temporary or permanent health difficulties they must contact Occupational Health.

To register with the scheme and obtain equipment:

  1. Register with the scheme at https://crypt.ncl.ac.uk/hardwareloans/register.php.   This will involve accepting the terms and conditions http://www.ncl.ac.uk/itservice/hardware-loans/borrowing/
  2.  Reserve Equipment
  3. Receive an email confirmation containing a reference number
  4. Bring the confirmation email and collect the equipment from the main issue desk in the Philip Robinson Library

 Requests for any other aspect of the service should be made via the IT Service Desk on 0191 208 5999 or https://nuservice.ncl.ac.uk

All requests relating to this service will be handled according to the Request Fulfilment process.

User Responsibility

Users must agree to and comply with the terms and conditions of service http://www.ncl.ac.uk/itservice/hardware-loans/borrowing/