Request Process

If you would like to use our media production services then please see our request process below.  For all other service requests please log a ticket with the IT Service Desk.

Media Production Request Process

Please be aware that commissioning a media production project can be time consuming, and will require you to be available throughout the project to get involved and provide feedback as necessary.  We work on a '"first come, first served" basis, and usually have projects planned up to three months in advance, therefore suggest contacting us as early as possible.

Our assessment and decision process comprises 4 steps:- 

    • STEP 1 - Request submission: All requests must be made via our Media Production Request (MPR) form, which will be acknowledged and logged within our ticketing system within 5 working days of receipt
    • STEP 2 - Initial assessment:  Received MPR forms are reviewed weekly, and assessed against our initial criteria of “Is the request in support of University Business (i.e. education, research, or marketing)?” and “Do we have internal capacity to undertake the project?”
    • STEP 3 - Detailed Assessment: Where requests meet our initial criteria we will arrange a meeting with you to discuss your ideas and understand your requirements in more detail.  We will then notify you within 5 working days with our final decision regarding whether we are able to undertake your project.
    • STEP 4 - Decision: Where we agree to undertake your project we will then move into full production

Where we are unable to undertake your project we recommend approaching an external media production company however this will incur charges.