Considering Legalities

You need to consider legalities for everything you wish to record and for when using music or images as part of your content.

For someone to appear on camera a signed consent form, known as a 'release form' is required. You need to make sure that they are aware of the extent of their contribution, and also the context of the video.

When filming on location you will need permission from whoever the location 'belongs' to. 

Filming in a public location can raise a lot of legal concerns including getting permission from members of the public, filming outside shops, music playing in background, company logos etc. This all needs to be taken into consideration well in advance of scheduling any recording. 

When adding music or images to your content you must ensure you have either paid for it, or obtained written permission from the material owner in advance.

There are various companies that provide copyright free content at low cost and some that provide it for free: -

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