Style and Treatment

Style and treatment relates to how you want your content to look on screen, how it needs to be tailored to your proposed audience and how you deliver the key messages.

‌Consider how you want the finished product to look as that will dictate the filming style.  For example: -

    • Interviews (whether one person talking to a camera, or two or more people on camera at once)
    • Teaching / procedural / training
    • Promotional videos (usually more dynamic and stylish)
    • Panel discussion
    • Pieces to camera (maybe the opening of a video, or someone delivering a message directly to camera)

It’s also worth thinking about how you see the narrative being provided.  For example: -

    • Using an on-screen presenter throughout the video
    • Recording a voice-over to go over the top of other recorded footage
    • Interview clips between identified contributors
    • A combination of all three