Media Production

Whether you know exactly what you want and how it should look and feel, or just know you want to create something but have no idea how to go about it, we can help you turn your ideas into reality.  We will work closely with you throughout the process of creating your required media content and turning your ideas into high quality and engaging content that can be shared online, via social media or on the big screen!

Whilst we will assume technical and creative responsibility for delivering your content we are not content specialists, so we will need your help, input and time during all stages of the production process below.

Pre-production : Discussion and agreement on ideas and style, scheduling of production and confirmation of timescales and deadlines

Production : Recording of  content, which will take place in our production facility or on location (or a mixture of both)

Post-production : Editing recorded media to produce your finished content.  This also includes adding finishing touches such as graphics and music

Sign-off : Once you are happy with the finished media we will provide you with a final digital* version and request sign-off from you via email  

Archiving and media retention : Where we have edited the content we will retain all media associated with your project on a secure university server for three years from the sign-off date, unless we are informed otherwise.  Where we have rerorded  media to handover to yourself or a 3rd party, and are not editing the finished product, all media will be deleted from our systems within one month.

* We don't provide physical media (e.g. DVDs) however, we may be able to provide you with one DVD copy of your programme if it considered essential to the delivery of your project.  If you then required further copies you would need to arrange this at your own cost.

If you are considering using us to commission a media production project then please see our request process.