Post Production

Once production is well underway we will commence post-production (also known as editing) 

Editing is a collaborative and iterative process and we would generally expect to provide a number of versions of your video before finalising it for sign-off.  We will therefore require commitment and time from you during this process to ensure that we are on course to meet your requirements but also to guide and advise us as 'content experts’. 

The amount of time we will need to edit your video, and the amount of time we need you to dedicate, will vary based on the style and complexity of your project.  

To enable you to review content remotely and provide us with feedback we will create a secure private folder where we will host versions of your media content and then provide us with feedback.

On completion of filming we will upload the first 'timecoded rushes’ (‘rushes' are the raw recordings from which you select your preferred content and ‘timecode' is an on-screen timer that will allow you to make note of which section of the media you wish to include). 

We will then require you to compete an edit guide, noting the sections of media you require us to use, and using the timecode and verbal cues from the audio track.

On receipt of your completed edit sheet we will put together a draft version based on your edit notes, and upload it to your secure media folder for you to review and provide feedback. There may be several iterations of this process until we provide a version that you are happy with.

Finally, we will also add any agreed music and graphics to your content, and improve the audio and video quality as required, before sending you a final version to sign off.

Occasionally we may ask you to come to our production facility to meet and review content with the team, to ensure that what we are creating meets your requirements and is factually correct.