On the day of filming our team will go through the filming process with you and any content contributors.  We appreciate that delivering in front of a camera can be a daunting experience therefore we will do our best to assist where required and put you at ease.

How long will filming take?

The complexity of your project and the environment will dictate how much time it will take to record your content.  Straightforward pieces to camera or panel discussions in our studio can be fairly quick and require only a few ‘takes’. If filming on location environmental issues such as background noise or unexpected interruptions may add to filming time. 

Where you have a full day’s filming scheduled then don’t forget to timetable in some breaks for contributors (and the Digital Media team), as it can be quite tiring mentally and we all need refreshment breaks!

The team will advise on when they have sufficient material to work with, and we will rely on you as a content specialist to let us know that the material delivered was accurate.