Other Services

Other media services provided across the University are listed below.

Audio recording

Within our production facility we have a fully equipped and soundproofed professional audio recording booth.  It is used primarily for making high quality audio recordings, or for recording voice-overs, to include in video productions that either we are producing or you are producing yourself.

ISDN radio interviews 

Based in our professional sound recording booth we have a self-contained broadcast quality mixer, which is connected to the BT ISDN network. This allows us to host audio interviews locally, which can be broadcast out to radio or television studios anywhere in the world. Our radio studio ISDN number is : +44 (0)191 2614859

Media training Support

Media training helps people become familiar with speaking in front of camera, maximises media impact and provides vital techniques to those who will be dealing with the press and media on a one-off or regular basis.  O‌‌ur production facility can be booked to host and deliver University organised media training events with our team providing technical support throughout.

Please note that we only provide the facilities and technical support to media training, and you would need to arrange the facilitators separately.  We would suggest speaking to the University Press Office about this in the first instance.


Digital Media service can facilitate subtitling for videos we have produced via 3Play Media.  We will discuss whether your project is suitable / eligible for subtitling during the pre-production meeting  We will submit media for transcription after the project has been signed off.  Please note the following: -

    • Only videos produced by Digital Media Services are eligible for this service
    • Video content must be hosted via NUVision or University YouTube / Vimeo Channels
    • It is your responsibility to review and edit the transcript ahead of downloading the completed subtitle file to send to us
    • We will cover the costs of up to 15 minutes of subtitling.  You would need to cover any additional costs

Off-air recordings 

There are a several ways to gain access to existing commecial media content that has been broadcasted.  Please see below for more information.

Box of Broadcasts: The University subscribes to Box of Broadcasts (BoB) which provides access to over one million programmes from over 60 TV and radio channels, including most of the UK's freeview network, all BBC TV and radio content from 2007 and several foreign language channels. The Library web pages provide further information on how to use BoB.

Open University Programmes: The University Library stocks many Open University Programmes, and holds the licence for their recordings. If you require an programme recording off air, or a previously broadcast title to be purchased, please contact your Liaison Librarian via the Library's web site,

Regionally broadcasted programmes: NUIT Digital Media Services can, by prior request, record regional broadcasts of TV and radio programmes via the Freeview network.  Recorded material will be made available via the NU Vision media library service. 

We don't provide media conversion or media duplication services however there are a number of commercial companies that do so including TVV Productions who are registered on the University finance system.