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Important Changes to the Way You Sign into University IT Services

Newcastle University users of the Microsoft Authenticator app for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) will see a difference in the way the app requests approval from 27 February 2023.

This change applies to push notifications through the Microsoft app only, it does not affect other methods of authentication (eg SMS, phone call or one time password code).

Improved security

Microsoft are introducing a new feature to improve the security of the notification process:

  • A unique number will be displayed on the application you’re trying to log into (on your PC) which is then entered into the authenticator app

The following screenshots show you what the new process looks like.

When you attempt to log into your application



Microsoft Authenticator app prompt



If you are accessing University services on the same mobile device you use to authenticate, the app notification may hide the two-digit number on the original sign in request.

If this happens, pressing ‘I can’t see the number’ on the above notification will switch the app to the original sign in for 3 seconds to allow you to make a note of the number.

What you need to do

Newcastle University users don’t need to take any action in advance of the change.

published on: 17 January 2023