Cloud OCR

The ClaroRead Cloud OCR Service allows any documents in image format (eg. Jpg, png, pdf) to be converted to accessible, searchable text.

You can access this service from your PC, laptop or mobile device.  If you are off campus you will be asked to provide your username and password via our standard logon gateway.

To use ClaroRead Cloud OCR click the following link.

Fair use 

We have requested a monthly limit of 5000 scans from this service and will be monitoring usage to ensure that we offer adequate capacity.


ClaroRead Cloud OCR will run on 

  • Windows/Apple Mac comptuers (Chrome, IE 11, Firefox, Safari)
  • Google Chromebooks (Chrome browser)
  • iOS devices (Safari)
  • Android devices (latest versions of android browser, Chrome)
  • Windows Phone Devices (IE)