Clusters and Study Rooms


As part of the ongoing program of refurbishments, we have improved the accessibility of our clusters.  The majority of refurbished clusters have

  • height adjustable desks (these are signposted as EasyAccess workstations)
  • wheelchair accessible printer
  • A standard set of specialist software

Study Rooms

In conjunction with the Library and Student Wellbeing Service, we support bookable study rooms situated in the University Libraries.  To access these rooms students need a referral from Student Wellbeing Service.

  • These accessible study rooms are bookable online at: use your smartcard to access the room.

  • The Philip Robinson Library has 6 Accessible Study Rooms.
  • The Walton Library houses one Accessible Study Room.  
  • In the Marjorie Robinson Library rooms the accessible study space can be found on level 1 (room 1.05)

In each room you will find:

  • A cluster PC with standard cluster software (including specialist software)
  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice recognition software. If you require a headset microphone please ask at the Library Help Desk.