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Using IT services on your return to campus

Allow time for PC updates 

If you use a university laptop, you should be all set, but if you have a desktop PC in the office, it will need to update when you turn it back on. This may take up to two hours and, in some cases, could take longer. Please bear this in mind when organising your work activities.

Bring back borrowed IT equipment 

If you took university IT equipment home (eg. PC, monitors, keyboard, mouse), you will need to bring it back, so consider when you'll need to do this. We are working on the IT requirements for Blended Working but these will not be in place for the immediate return to campus.​

Find a PC  

Students can use the University app to find an available PC on campus. Check with your school office to see if local cluster spaces are open. In-person IT support will be available via our Service Bar in the Old Library by appointment only.  Please see our web page for the location, opening hours, and booking schedule

Keeping your devices and ​information safe

As we move between home and campus, we need to be even more vigilant and aware of our cyber-security. You can find advice and guidance to help​keep your devices and information safe at

Please take a few moments to review and share the Return to Campus IT Guidance and FAQs at 

If you have any questions, please contact the IT Service Desk.  ​

published on: 6 September 2021