Alternative Formats

Producing Materials in Alternative Formats

If essential content is distributed without transcripts of audio or text descriptions of diagrams this could disadvantage some students or staff: authors need to be confident that they can respond in a timely manner to requests for this information, and have processes in place to provide it if required.

Individuals may request information in alternative formats such as Braille, audio or ‘Daisy Book’ format. Newcastle University has arrangements in place to buy in these specialist transcription services.

Transcription costs will be considerably lower if the starting point is a structured, electronic document.

Published Materials

Requests for published material in alternative formats should be addressed to the appropriate liaison librarian via Student Health & Wellbeing Service.

Make it accessible (SensusAccess)

  • Convert PDFs, JPEGs and other files into an e-book, text file, audio or braille.
  • You can combine more than one .JPG into a single file.

Conditions of use

You can make an accessible copy if you own the copyright (eg, it's your own work), have permission from the copyright holder, if the copyright has expired, or if it's for someone with a print disability. If so you need to agree that:

Please see the library website for copyright advice or contact us:

Using SensusAccess

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