Research Computing

High-Performance Computing (HPC)

Researchers at Newcastle have access to a number of HPC facilities. 

- The University-wide HPC service, 'Rocket'

The University's new HPC service, 'Rocket', has over 5000 cores and 500TB storage, and is available to all staff and students at the University. Rocket is managed and supported by the IT Service. Information about how to access and use the service is available on the Rocket HPC web pages, or you can contact the HPC support team. See the Rocket hardware summary for more details of the physical system. 

- SAgE Faculty HPC, 'Topsy'.

A 1000-core system owned and run by the SAgE Faculty, 'Topsy' is available to all staff and students of the University.  See the Topsy web pages for more information, and to apply for an account.

- Tier-2, UK and international HPC facilities

The HPC-UK site summarises the UK-based and international HPC facilities open to UK researchers.  These include the national supercomputing service (Archer), the EPSRC tier-2 facilities and STFC 'DiRAC' facilities.  

You can also make a service request for help on selecting and using HPC systems.