Policy on New Lists

Who can set up a list?

You need to be a member of Newcastle University to set up and manage a list and one of the list owner addresses must be a newcastle.ac.uk address.

If lists contain large numbers of external members, at least one of the main participants must be a member of the University.

What types of list can I set up?

Lists must have some relevance to the life of the University either academically, administratively or culturally, for example:

  • Departmental staff Lists
  • Student class lists
  • Student society lists
  • Research or special interest groups
  • People involved with a specific activity, such as a conference

See selecting a list type and creating a list.

Confidentiality or Data Protection considerations

There are many different ways of using mailing lists and of configuring them as private or public forums. Please be aware that some research projects may have specific confidentiality or data protection requirements, please consider your requirements carefully before creating your list; the IT Service Desk can offer assistance if required.

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