Web Publishing

Academic unit and support services websites

Websites for academic units, Research Institutes and Support Services are developed by the Corporate Web Development team. These official University websites are externally facing and published on the ncl.ac.uk domain. Through the Go Mobile programme, all external sites are moving to the the University Content Management System, TerminalFour (T4 CMS).

Research and conference websites

Websites for research projects and conferences are provided by NUIT using the T4 CMS. These sites are published at research.ncl.ac.uk/sitename or conferences.ncl.ac.uk/sitename.

Staff, student, society websites and blogs

Students, staff and societies can publish their own informal website at www.staff.ncl.ac.uk, www.student.ncl.ac.uk or www.societies.ncl.ac.uk (as appropriate).

Members of the University can also publish a personal or team blog at blogs.ncl.ac.uk