Super Users

List of local Super user / Admin user for each location or department access Professional Support Services.

Super Users can provide you with an initial induction to your local printing facilities and are there for any queries you may have on how to use the facilities.  There contact information can be found in the bellow table.  Your Local printer admin user is responsible for ordering supplies such as toner or paper for your location or department.

If a device requires consumables or maintenance please quote the device name (found on the printer) to the IT Service Desk or log a self-service request at



Name Level Telephone User Level
Steve Lisle Agriculture Building 86849 Super User
Pamela Craig Agriculture Building 85692 Printer Admin User / Super User



Name Level Telephone User Level
Claire Beadling Level 1 87181 Super User
Lesley Nicholson Level 1 88929 Super User
Sharon Whittall Level 1 88336 Super User
Katy Robson Level 1 87989 Super User
Julia Lakey Level 2 86132 Super User
Amy Watson Level 2 81925 Super User
Gillian Adamson Level 2 81941 Super User
Shar Ludkin Level 2 81943 Super User
Jamie Stogden Level 2 83740 Super User
Hilary Skinner Level 3 85058 Super User
Dawn Nesbitt Level 3 88989 Super User
Elaine Patterson Level 3 88669 Super User
Natalie Morton Level 4  (Finance end) 86396 Super User
Emma Tallentire Level 4  (Finance end) 88913 Super User
Lisa Jensen Level 4  (Finance end) 83192 Super User
Viv Illman Level 4  (Finance end) 83840 Super User
Sharon McTeer Level 4 (HR end) 86040 Super User
Natalie Hugall Level 4 (HR end) 88963 Super User
Jill De Beer Level 4 (HR end) 86889 Super User
Chris Wells Level 5 86113 Super User
Ivan Lazarov Level 5 83078 Super User



Name Contact Telephone User Level
Desktop Support Team (Central IT Only) IT Service Desk 85999 Super User(s)
General Office (Central IT Only) Black Horse House 85999 Printer Admin User(s)


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