Service Availability and Maintenance Messages

Service Description

The service informs customers of service availability and planned maintenance downtime. 


Published messages can be seen on:

  • IT Service website (ticker, news and events, RSS Feeds)
  • Staff and student homepages
  • Campus Messaging screens
  • Email to selected lists 
  • nu_itservice Twitter feed
  • Passed to Out of hours partners 


All IT service staff

Service Hours

Provided during IT Service Desk daytime operating hours Monday to Friday 08:00-17:00

Level of Service

We aim to publish a 2-stage communication over a 2-week period regarding planned maintenance:

  • The initial notice of system availability/downtime, and the impact on end-users, to be no less than 10 working days ahead of the planned maintenance date.
  • A reminder to be 3-5 working days ahead of the planned maintenance date.

In the case of emergency communications, we aim to publish in line with our Major Incident Management process. 

Support and Documentation

Support is available via the IT Service Desk

Request Process

Fill out the appropriate form to request a new SAMM or update an existing SAMM.

User Responsibility

A request for SAMMs should be submitted 10 working days in advance of the required SAMM publish date. If the period will be less than 10 working days then IT colleagues must follow up the online form submission by contacting the IT Service Desk (either by phone on x85999 or visit in person).