Home Routers & Switches

There are some situations where it can be beneficial to have a small network router or switch to extend the local network. In halls students may want to connect more than one device to the point in their room.

You can also use a home router so long as you wire it up correctly. WARNING The port marked Internet or WAN should be connected to the network point in your room. Do NOT connect up any of the other ports to your network point because your router will start making DHCP offers to other students preventing them from connecting.

Any network points found to be offering network services like this will be disabled.

Home Router 2

Student Halls have been switched to use the Student Network Access service which will allow you to also use Game Consoles and Smart TVs in your room, so a home router is recommended.

There may also be machines such as medical scanners or engineering equipment that need to be on the network, firewalled off from the rest of campus, but accessible from an off campus site. In such cases you can use a firewall and you should check with the IT Service Desk to make sure your network setup is configured correctly.



There are over 4000 access points across campus and Student halls providing pervasive wireless to staff, students and visitors. NOTE: We only provide Internet and WiFi access in University owned accommodation. Managed partnership accommodation sites provide their own network access and any issues accessing the network from these locations should be addressed to local site staff.

We recommend you use the WiFi services provided. If you discover any location where you can not connect to the campus WiFi, please contact the Service Desk to request additional points be installed.

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