Home Folder


Every member of the University (staff or student) is allocated a Home Folder so that they have a secure place in which to keep their University work.


Whenever you login at any University PC (staff PCs, PCs in Cluster Rooms, Windows Virtual Desktop) your Home Folder is automatically connected as the H Drive.

The Home Folder is also referred to as Documents (Windows PCs), as well as the H: Drive.

The Home Folder can also be accessed from anywhere on the Internet: see the page on remote access. This is used by those who are connecting their own computer to the campus network, as well as those who may be (for example) at home, or away at a conference.

Who has access to my Home Folder?

Your Home Folder is private: no other users can see your data.

However, there are filestore service accounts that do have access. This is for general administration purposes & troubleshooting.

The system can assess file-types in your Home Folder: automatic processes sometimes scan the filestore to ensure that inappropriate materials (e.g. MP3) are not taking up excessive amounts of this premium resource.

Quotas (How much space?)

All users, both staff and students are allocated a default 20GB quota for their Home Folders.

This is standardised and cannot be modified.

Backups and data retention

  • If you have deleted a file, or made a catastrophic change by accident: Please review Recovering Data for self service options. We can assist you in this process if help is required: contact the IT Service Desk.