The University runs a Research Data Management service. Before starting any research project, please review the provided pages for guidance.

The following offerings are available for storage of research data.

Research Data Warehouse

The service has been designed to provide safe, secure, very-large capacity, low-performance storage to Research groups on-campus. We anticipate that data will be read occasionally and written rarely. This service is not designed as temporary storage where the data has only transient value. At this time the service cannot provide managed/curated storage or manage/track workflow and capture metadata. This is up to the individual school or research group.

The service is run on a cost-recovery basis. The cost of the service is based on funding the running and renewal of the dedicated, purpose-built infrastructure in which the University has invested and reflects the buying power we have due to our wider procurement of enterprise-class storage solutions.

To request research storage, contact the IT Service Desk (

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All students and staff have access to Microsoft OneDrive, providing them with 5TB (5,000 Gigabytes) of secure online cloud storage.

It is possible to use this for small scale research projects as collaboration is easy. However, you are still responsible for ensuring that data remains protected in compliance with the University’s Data Protection and Information Security Policies. Please review the below section for details. If in doubt, contact the IT Service Desk.

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