Remote Filestore Access

Your filestore is accessible via various remote network services, so that you can use it from anywhere on the Internet. Some services work on all types of Computers while others are restricted to specific platforms. Please consult the table below to decide what method of access would be best for your needs.

Authentication is via your normal University login and password.

Access to Home Folders and Shared Filestore

Service Windows Unix/Linux Mac (including 'El Capitan') MacOS Sierra
RAS Yes Yes Yes Yes
Filr Yes Yes Yes Yes
SMB/CIFS n/a Yes* Yes* Yes*

* Experience may vary depending on OS Version.

Access to Unix Home Folders

Service Windows Unix/Linux Mac
SMB/CIFS Yes n/a Yes
SFTP/SCP Yes Yes Yes

Users are warned to disconnect properly from remote services, especially if using them from public places like an Internet café.


Filr allows you to easily access all your Home Folder files and folders from your mobile device (Android phone/tablet, iPhone or iPad), desktop PC or Mac and web browser.

The Remote Application Service (RAS)

RAS opens a virtual University PC on your local computer, in which your Home Folder is integrated as on a normal University PC. You can use RAS from any platform: Windows, Linux or Macintosh.

Software in RAS is connected automatically to your Home Folder so that new documents are created there, and the File – Open dialogue first lists files in the Home Folder.


Samba (an implementation of the SMB protocol) is a useful service for users, allowing access to your Unix/Windows home directory from other Operating System


scp and sftp are replacements for the old Unix rcp and ftp utilities, respectively. They send secure information (such as your password) over an encrypted connection making them preferable to the old utilities.

scp is useful for quickly sending a few files to and from machines. sftp is best for transferring large amounts of files interactively.

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