Connecting to Windows filestore from MacOS

If you are running Mac OS X v10.5 "Leopard" or later, then within the confines of the campus network it is possible to access your Windows H: drive directly from your Mac.

To make a connection to your H: drive on your Mac you need to know your home folder path on the network, eg: \\campus\home\home34\nloginid

You can use the CMDInfo utility on a campus managed or cluster-room PC to find your home folder path.

  1. Select "Connect To Server..." from the Finder's "Go" menu.
  2. Fill in the address field as shown below:

    Screenshot of MacOS "Connect to Server" dialog box.

  3. Click "Connect" and enter your Campus login details as shown here:

    Screenshot of MacOS authentication dialog box.

  4. Click "Connect"

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