Register a HPC project

All Rocket users need to be a member of at least one project.  Projects are an essential part of how Rocket is run:

  • As a project owner, you can add and remove members yourself.   This controls who has an account on Rocket.
  • The project will be given a directory on the Lustre filestore (/nobackup) in which to store shared files.
  • A unix group will be set up, with all project members included.  This allows you to share files within the project.
  • If the project has contributed financially to Rocket, the rewards will be shared among all project members. 

Rocket projects do not need to be funded to qualify for registration.  If you would like to use HPC in your research, use the form below to register your project.  Project PIs and secondary contacts are automatically added when a project is registered.

Note that the project PI must be a permanent member of staff.

If you have any questions, please contact the HPC support team.