Publishing Media

After you have uploaded media files to your streaming server folder you can publish links to these files. The format of the link will differ depending on the type of media and launch method. All references will end with:

/ filename.filetype

e.g. /fred.bloggs/myfile.wmv

MP4 files

Adjust the sample embed code to play your media file in an embedded player ( JWPlayer)


Embed Code for MP4 using JWPlayer PDF 85Kb

Options for rtmp streaming and progressive download.

You can also open the .mp4 file from a browser by providing a dowload link:

Windows Media Files (.wmv)

Windows Media Files can be opened in a browser or in Windows Media Player with the following link:


Quicktime Files (.mov)

Quicktime files can be opened in a player with the following link:


Real Media Files (.rm)

From a web browser:

Open a .rm file in Real Player:


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