Uploading Media

Supported File Types

The Streaming Server can stream a wide variety of file formats including: MPEG-4, 3GPP, Windows Media, RealVideo and FLV. See Helix Media Server Specifications for a full list of supported filetypes, codecs and protocols.

Digital Media Services are able to convert the majority of analogue audio and video formats to digital.

Adjusting Pre-recorded Media

Before publishing your media you may need to edit your files to a size that are suitable for delivery over the web.

Where possible we recommend saving files as MPEG-4 ( H.264/AAC codecs) which can be viewed on a large number of devices.

Your Folder on the Streaming Server

Your personal folder on the streaming server is

(eg. \\stream.ncl.ac.uk\personal\njb99 )

Uploading from a PC on Campus
  • Use Windows Explorer to open your upload folder:

Use Windows Explorer to open your upload folder

  • Drag and drop files into this folder

For convenience we would recommend mapping a drive to this location.

Uploading from a Mac

Mac Users can connect to the server using Cifs using the address:

  • Cifs://stream.ncl.ac.uk/Personal/<user id>

For details see the SMB/CIFS page.

Uploading files off campus using RAS
  • Logon to RAS, Open the Accessories folder and start the File transfer Utility
  • On the menu click Map Network Drive
  • Map a drive letter of your choice to \\stream.ncl.ac.uk\personal\campusID

 Map a drive letter of your choice to stream.ncl.ac.uk Picture

  • Use the RAS File Transfer Utility to copy files from your H: drive or from your local disk.

Publishing Media

See Publishing Media for details on how to make your media files available.

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