IT Development Brokerage Service

The brokerage service provides access to external specialist consultants for database design; SQL server administration and usage; and application development.

The Service gives access to specialist consultants across three areas:

  1.     Database Design
  2.     SQL Server administration and usage
  3.     Application development

There are considerable advantages in using the service:

  •     Ready-procured external consultancy expertise through a framework
  •     Assisted contract management
  •     Ability to host assets on University servers, or, where appropriate, through external providers.

For further information about the IT Development Brokerage Service please download the Brokerage Service Brochure below. Further information, including the service request process, is available in the service definition.


Brokerage Service Brochure PDF 2,303Kb

Brokerage Service Brochure

IT Development Brokerage Service, Triage Checklist MSWord 197Kb

IT Development Brokerage Service, Triage Checklist

This checklist should be used within the IT Service when a request is received for the IT Brokerage Service.

It aims to assist the following:

(1)   gather initial requirements

(2)   aid decision as to whether the request is in scope of the brokerage service

(3)   inform potential suppliers from the framework of the effort required from them

(4)   inform IT Service of likely support services required alongside the supplier’s effort (for example hosting, data governance)