Unix Time Sharing

The time sharing system is a general purpose Linux system that can be used by staff or students. 

  • Server name: aidan.ncl.ac.uk (also available via unix.ncl.ac.uk)
  • Operating System: CentOS Linux 7
Registering for access

To register for this service please go to the IT Support Portal, search for "Unix Timeshare Service" in the service catalogue and select "Unix Timeshare Service - Automated Access request".  Please provide a short description of your intended usage with the request.

How to connect

You can connect to the service using secure shell (SSH), or by using remote desktop (RDP) to run graphical applications.  Off-campus SSH access is restricted to SSH key auth only, please see the secure shell page for more information.

Additional information

Users of the time sharing service should read the service definition. A list of installed third-party applications is also available.