Software Development Toolkit

The Software Development Toolkit is available to all students and staff.

It provides a robust and secure means to store source code and manage changes to development projects, as well as project management and Continuous Integration tools.

The service currently uses GitLab to deliver all functionality.

For upcoming features, see our Service Roadmap

Service Definition

Which instance do I use?

Due to licensing restrictions, 2 separate instances of the GitLab software are available for different use cases.

  • NUCode - This instance is available for all students and teaching use only. An education license has been procured from GitLab by the University for the benefit of students.
  • Staffcode - This instance is for all other purposes including academic, research and professional services usage.

Why can't I do xyz?

The following features are disabled:

  • SSH Git Operations - To reduce the attack surface of the service, all git operations require HTTPS and tokens rather than SSH keys.
  • GitLab pages - Not currently supported by the service.


General usage of the GitLab software is outside of the scope of support from the IT Service. If you are a student, your course leaders may direct you towards teaching materials that will assist with this usage (if applicable). For all other usage please refer to the GitLab User Documentation.