Web Development

University Web Hosting

Websites for academic units, services and research Institutes and centers developed by Corporate Web using the T4 CMS are hosted on

  • www.ncl.ac.uk

Research and conference sites using the T4 CMS are published at the following addresses:

  • http://research.ncl.ac.uk/sitename
  • http://conferences.ncl.ac.uk/sitename

Staff, student and society sites using the University Personal Publishing Service are hosted at the following addresses:

For advice on using your own domain name or external hosting please contact the IT Service Desk and see the advice on costs below.


The hosting of the web publishing service is centrally funded, as is the development of official sites on www.ncl.ac.uk by the Corporate Web Development team.

Costs may be incurred where external domain names are registered or the services of external agencies are commissioned. These costs are the responsibility of the user.

Web Development

External developers may be commissioned for University websites; however, the IT Service must be consulted in advance. A Newcastle University member of staff must be the main contact for a site, with responsibility for all content hosted.

The web publishing and hosting platform does not support the installation of 3rd party applications, including content management systems (such as Drupal). Please see the rules of use: Rules and Policies.

Brand and Application Guidelines

The Corporate Web Development digital brand and visual identity guidelines provide advice for colleagues and third-party developers working on websites and apps.

The University marketing department provide guidelines on the use of the University logo.

In addition, the Web Application Template is a minimalist wireframe showing the colour schemes, logo placement and fonts commonly used by the University. It supports the creation of University applications that are easy to navigate, follow University brand and work on a variety of devices and screen sizes.

You can see an example of the web application template on the University Room Finder website.


Information on developing resources and applications:


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