Visitors can connect using the eduroam service or from the Wireless Guest service.


Newcastle University is a member of the JANET Roaming Service (JRS) which is part of the international roaming service eduroam. Visiting academics from participating institutions can use eduroam over wireless to login at Newcastle using their local Login Name and Password.

Windows PC users can download and run the Campus Network Setup program.

  • Click the Wireless tab
  • Select EduRoam
  • Enter your Login Name and Password
  • Click Install

or you can use the instructions on the eduroam pages.

Wireless Guest Service

Visitors who are not able to connect to eduroam can use the free cloud WiFi network WiFi Guest to access the Internet using their own computer. The service is provided for visitors to University Open Days and Events and not recommended for permanent use. Users can create their own account and login on from the captive portal page.

For more information see the Wireless Guest Service page.

Network Security

To help maintain the security and integrity of the campus network users need to authenticate to gain access to the network, you should also use updated anti-virus software and take some common sense security precautions when online.

Rules of Use

All staff and visitors must follow the local Policy on Use of IT Facilities for computing facilities, this includes using security software and secure protocols to avoid computer viruses. Users of the Wireless Guest service must follow the Terms & Conditions of The Cloud.

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