Guest WiFi

Visitors who are not able to connect to eduroam can use the free cloud WiFi network WiFi Guest to access the Internet using their own computer. The service is provided free of charge, is simple to use and requires no configuration changes to the visitor’s computer. The service is provided for visitors to University Open Days and Events and not recommended for permanent use. It does not provide access to University PCs or services.

The service is managed by The Cloud Networks Ltd and is the same free public WiFi service available in thousands of locations across the UK. You will need to create an account to use the service, unless you already have an account for The Cloud.

Creating An Account

Here are the steps to get connected:

  • From your device connect to the network WiFi Guest
  • On The Cloud landing page locate the box Get online at Newcastle University and click Go
  • Scroll down to select Create Account
  • Enter your details and the account will be created.
  • The device will then be connected to WiFi Guest

How to use the service

Visitors and delegates should connect their device to the open wireless network WiFi Guest and open a web browser. They will be automatically redirected to the The Cloud login page where they should enter their account details. After connecting the first time your device should remember your credentials for next time. You can also download the Sky WiFi app from the App Store or Google Play Store to locate other compatible hotspots outside the University.


Please report any problems with the Wireless Guest Service to the service desk so we are aware of any issues, however the service itself is not managed by the University. If you have any problem with the service such as firewall issues or login problems then you will need to raise the problem with The Cloud. For support using The Cloud visit